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Erica Simone

Nue York: Self-Portraits of a Bare Urban Citizen

Exploring New York City in the Nude.

  • $14,121 Raised
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Barbie Larimore and Kim Shults

Life with Lou

Lou the Ant embarks on a crazy sea adventure to the Island of Taboo in search of treasure. The thing is...Lou can't swim! Hilarity ensues as he learns on the go!

  • $7,791 Raised
  • 84 Supporters
  • 7 Days Left

Vicky Hamilton A memoir from a Rock N Roll manager

Appetite For Dysfunction

This book is about a small town girl who follows her heart to Hollywood, finds success only to lose it all. Hitting the bottom of a dark and lonely abyss to then climb out triumphantly.

  • $6,877 Raised
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