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David E. Gumpert

The Raw Milk Answer Book

Probes more than 200 of the most tantalizing questions about raw milk, our most controversial food, in a refreshing conversational style.

  • $10,960 Raised
  • 204 Supporters
  • 1 Days Left

Jena Ball

The Not Perfect Hat Club

Three unlikely friends discover perfect is not an option.

  • $4,533 Raised
  • 44 Supporters
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Amy Morosini

Picking Up The Pieces, A TBI Survivor's Story

After falling out of a 3rd story window of her ex-boyfriend's apartment in what police labeled as a "suspicious occurrence," Amy is now forced to live a life with a Traumatic Brain Injury.

  • $3,590 Raised
  • 11 Supporters
  • 44 Days Left