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Co-Editors Celine Keating and Ed Johann

A Montauk Anthology: Poetry and Prose

A collection of poetry and prose by 48 authors celebrating the essence of Montauk. Profits go to Concerned Citizens of Montauk and Third House Nature Center Inc.

  • $1,921 Raised
  • 28 Supporters
  • 26 Days Left

Allen C. Paul

God and Gigs

You play all kinds of music. You love God. Here's how you can do both without losing your soul or your sanity.

  • $1,616 Raised
  • 10 Supporters
  • 39 Days Left

April Michelle Davis

A Princess in Disguise

A princess sneaks out of her palace to discover who she is, who her mother was, and who she wants to become.

  • $1,470 Raised
  • 13 Supporters
  • 22 Days Left