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William Galaini

Trampling in the Land of Woe

When Hephaestion journeys into the pit of hell to rescue Alexander, his true path may be his own salvation.

  • $3,330 Raised
  • 24 Supporters
  • 15 Days Left

John-Manuel Andriote

SACRED BAND: How building resilient gay men saves lives and strengthens society

Gay men know a LOT about resilience. My book will examine what we know, how it supports our health and community, and why it's good for America.

  • $2,850 Raised
  • 29 Supporters
  • 1 Days Left

Naomi Heitz

The Art of Healing from Sexual Trauma

Bringing understanding, comfort, & hope to sexual trauma survivors. A self-care guide woven in a memoir of healing moments.

  • $1,875 Raised
  • 29 Supporters
  • 19 Days Left