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Ambassador Programs

Being a Pubslush Ambassador gives you the opportunity to get involved in a meaningful way and support a cause that really matters. Ambassadors work to spread the word about Pubslush and encourage others to get involved, too. The Professional and Campus Ambassador Programs invite motivated and creative individuals from across the globe to participate in this ambitious and revolutionary movement.

Campus Ambassador Program

The Pubslush Campus Ambassador Program gives students a voice to speak out against illiteracy and the opportunity to be at the forefront of the publishing revolution. Through campus events and projects, college students are able to increase awareness of our cause while having fun and gaining valuable experience. Campus Ambassadors will be able to:

  • Unite students on their campus around the important cause of children’s literacy
  • Gain experience in philanthropy, event planning, marketing, and leadership
  • Coordinate exciting events and projects
  • Receive a recommendation letter
  • Discover the next bestseller and rally support from others to help bring books to life
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Professional Ambassador Program

Our Professional Ambassador Program is designed for busy professionals interested in sustainable philanthropy and/or revolutionizing the publishing industry. The program involves a flexible commitment and provides individuals with a platform to help combat illiteracy and transform the publishing industry to be more democratic and philanthropic. Professional Ambassadors will be able to:

  • Increase awareness of our cause through social networking and events
  • Join a community of individuals committed to giving back
  • Promote children’s literacy initiatives
  • Discover aspiring writing talent
  • Gain exposure to the nonprofit world and build important connections
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