Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction To Pubslush - The Basics

What is Pubslush?

Pubslush is a global pre-publication platform that allows authors to raise funds, collect pre-orders and tangibly market upcoming book projects. Authors and literary trendsetters can choose to raise funds and gauge audience response for upcoming projects or conduct comprehensive pre-order campaigns for upcoming titles.

Where did the idea come from?

The original idea for Pubslush was inspired by the struggles of authors like J.K. Rowling, whose bestselling series, Harry Potter, was rejected by the 12 publishers to which it was initially sent. In response, Pubslush was founded as a means to create a more democratic publishing process. Since its launch in 2012, Pubslush has grown and now caters not only to books, but all types of literary projects.

Why use Pubslush over other crowdfunding platforms?

Pubslush is a niche platform that caters to the literary world. Aside from offering a crowdfunding option open to literary projects only, we offer authors other ways to promote and sell their book before and after publication, which fosters our vibrant literary community. Through our crowdfunding option, we offer flexible funding, the lowest fee in the industry, and we provide our campaigners with valuable market analytics. Most importantly, though, we pride ourselves on our emphasis on user education and for being an accessible resource for our campaigners every step of the way with the Pubslush Prep program.

How does a campaign work?

1. Choose the best option for you:

Raise funds, offer exclusive rewards, engage with readers and get to know your audience.

Sell books, gain insight into early readers, and market your book before publication.

2. Rally support from the crowd
Build the momentum for your project by rallying the support of your network and audience.

3. Sell your book
Authors are members of the Pubslush Community for life. Continue to be discovered by readers and increase sales for your book using the Pubslush Buy Button.

Who uses Pubslush?

Authors, publishers, publishing industry professionals, writing groups, literary trendsetters, readers, book clubs...basically, anyone interested in joining a book-loving community that connects all key players in the publishing process.

What do campaigners do with the money they raise?

The funds raised go towards any and all aspects of bringing the literary project to life. For example, if it’s a book project, the funds can be used to pay for editing, design, formatting, digital conversion, marketing, publicity, registration, distribution, etc.

What are the benefits of using Pubslush?

1. Reduces uncertainty. By allowing authors and other literary trendsetters to establish an audience (and to know who that audience is) in advance of publication or production, much of the risk involved with bringing a literary project to life is eliminated.
2. Quality Control. By providing access to capital and resources to navigate the industry, we hope to help give authors the tools to produce quality books.
3. Broadening your reach. By approaching your network with an established platform, it is easy to share your project, create a buzz and gain support.
4. Support Team. Pubslush Prep provides our campaigners with the option to choose from various levels of campaign support. We can assist every step of the way.

Who can submit a campaign?

Any author, publisher or literary trendsetter with the passion and drive to rally support around their upcoming book or project.

What types of projects are on Pubslush?

Pubslush accepts all types of literary-based projects, including books, magazines, screenplays, apps, educational, and philanthropic projects. If you come up with a brand new medium, we can help make it happen!

Why will people support projects on Pubslush?

Supporters are drawn to projects for various reasons, but mostly because they want to help bring amazing projects to life. Campaigners who set clear goals and are passionate about their project will draw a wider audience.

Do buyers have to have a Pubslush account to purchase my book?

Yes. Buyers have to sign up for a Pubslush account. This allows us to provide you with unique reader analytics so you can better understand your audience.