Joy and the Flower Fiesta

by Audi Osowsky

Saskatchewan, Canada Book
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Join sweet Joy on an adventure in kindness!

Childrens, Ebooks, Parenting & Family, Self Help, Spirituality
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Completed Manuscript
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This loving story teaches children that being kind to themselves is a gift that changes the world. Join sweet Joy as she helps her friends discover their talents and strengths instead of focusing on their weaknesses. What if acknowledging what you are great at and doing what is most fun for you is what changes the world? Is now the time to give up judging what you think you cannot do or have? What kindness could you be to yourself today?

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What do you plan to do with the funds you raise?

My target is to gift the first book in the Be Kind With Joy Series, "Joy and the Flower Fiesta", to 100 school classrooms across Canada and the United States. This book is a wonderful learning too, designed to teach kids to see what is good about them, what they are great at, and recognize their gift to the world. The funds will be used for both travel expenses and to cover the cost of the books.

Why did you write the book?

I wrote the book with one simple target in mind - I would like to see children increase their joy and happiness as they grow up instead of judging themselves. I would like to see kids continue to embrace what is GREAT about them and what they have, instead of learning to look for what is wrong with them and what they feel they lack.