After the Dragon Raid

by Vanessa Ricci-Thode

Waterloo, Canada Book
100% funded

A female soldier catches the affections of a prisoner, but just as she begins to reciprocate, she discovers he isn't who he seems.

Fantasy, Fiction, Romance
Page Length:
250 - 500 Pages
Book Status:
Completed Manuscript
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In the midst of a dangerous raid, Tassia, an elite soldier from the Wheat Sky empire, rescues Sam, a wandering nomad trapped inside a lunatic enchantress's compound. While Sam serves his debt to Tassia's nation, the two grow closer as they tend to Tassia's garden together. Although Sam falls in love wholly and immediately, Tassia's heart blooms slowly and her reluctance to commit to Sam is further complicated by her discovery of his true identity. As they attempt to secure peace between their rival kingdoms, Tassia and Sam find that their relationship and their very lives are in jeopardy.

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Interview with Vanessa Ricci-Thode

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Why did you write the book?

This is always a difficult question to answer, mostly because there isn't a really easy answer, other than "Because, I did." I wrote this book because the idea was there and I wanted to work on something new since revisions on my WIP trilogy had stalled. Why I write at all is more difficult to explain to people who don't make art of one kind or another. I write because I wouldn't really know what else to do with myself. I write because I start to get a little nutty (the bad kind) if I don't. I write because, in one form or another, I always have.

What was your inspiration for the book?

Inspiration, as usual, came from a few different places. The main being a particularly lucid dream that was essentially the first chapter up to the point where Tassia leaves Sam at the prisoner wagon. Even much of the conversations, and both character names, were provided by the dream. A small piece of a pivotal scene toward the end of the book was also from a dream. And then I'm a gardener, and I love gardening and the peace it brings me. I really wanted to incorporate that into something I wrote. So there you have it.

Who are your favorite authors?

Jim Butcher, Patricia C. Wrede, Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, Douglas Adams, Dean Koontz, JRR Tolkien, Richard Bach, and my friends Rhonda Parrish, Lynn Bauman-Milner and LM Magalas. I could keep going, but I probably shouldn't...

What do you plan to do with the funds you raise?

I plan to give the funds directly to my publisher, Iguana Books. They are going to use the funds to put together a quality book: editing will get most of the funding, but also design, cover, and marketing, plus all the little things that a book needs to be put together right and sent out into the world.