The Girl House

by Heather Wilson

Phoenix, AZ Book
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A mostly true story about four girlfriends on the verge of becoming grown ups.

Page Length:
100 - 250 Pages
Book Status:
Completed Manuscript
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A mostly true story of four recent college graduates that share their secrets, hopes and a bathroom.

Fresh from breaking off her engagement, Jenna told herself she would take a respite from dating to focus on finding herself. She is surprised to find her employees virginity, and takes that for herself instead. Unfortunately, his heart came with it.

Haylie, desperate to find affection, starts chasing men- at bars, out windows, and into a closet. Dating different types of guys: the clown, the bartender, the accidental roommate, the Brazilian, and various guys named Chris, Haylie discovers they all have one thing in common- no one likes her as much as she likes them.

Kelly's life is going according to The Plan. Excited to live with her amazing best friends and madly in love with her boyfriend Matt, its easy to cling to the belief that everything happens for a reason. A visit from her gorgeous, flirtatious step-sister reminds Kelly that life isn't all rainbows and sunshine (though she'd never admit it).

Broke and unemployed, Blue begins the novel she had always dreamed she would write. Unbeknownst to her roommates, everything that happens in The Girl House becomes plot fodder. Everything doesn't work out like she expected in the end- of her novel or their lease.

But it's not the end. The girls have made friendships that will last past this chapter of their lives and ever after.

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Interview with Heather Wilson

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Why did you write this book?

This book practically wrote itself. I lived with four other girls in a three bedroom house my first year after school. There is very little that we were able to keep from each other during that eventful year- despite our best efforts. Some of the things that happened to us was much too crazy for me to have even imagined.

I wrote a book that I want to read. By nature, I am what I like to call "curious." The things we're afraid of, depressed by, obsessed with, scared of, turned on by, ashamed of, and pleased by absolutely fascinate me. When someone tells me something that no one else knows I get a small thrill. So I stole these things and put them in a book. My best friend (Blue) (that's her real nickname) made me change some of the more recognizable details. But it's all in here- the conversations we don't have in polite company, the things we do when no one is looking and the aspects of our personality that we keep hidden.

Hopefully, I will still have friends left after this gets published.

What will you do with the funding?

I am raising money to pay for a copy editor and marketing. I have chosen the services of Steve E (, who has been on Oprah and Larry King Live. He guarantees that he can turn self published books into Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and New York Times Best Sellers.

Favorite writer?

After I read "The Feast of Love" by Charles Baxter I sent him an email proposing. He declined, but did invite me to take one of his writing classes.

Can I support this book without pledging money?

Yes! Once The Girl House has 1,000 supporters, Pubslush will publish the book. For each book sold, one book is donated to one of the 100 million kids worldwide who don't have access to books.