by Katie E. Holland

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For Relic, winning a lottery means a new home aboard the space colony, Station, where hidden dangers lurk.

Fiction, Science Fiction, Thriller
Page Length:
250 - 500 Pages
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Completed Manuscript
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Rebecca "Relic" Lichenbouer has enough on her mind, what with her father being laid off and subsequently winning the Station Lottery with the last of their savings, her new lifestyle aboard a floating mass of experimental space colonization, and leaving her Earth life behind, she shouldn't really be expected to take on the evils of this new world, should she? Well, when it seems that nobody else wants to realize there's a real problem (or several) brewing on Station, Relic and her new-found friends, Elion, daughter of a wholesome Gaian, and Vetica, daughter of an O.R.E. Corps big-shot, make it their goal to set things right, and uncover the hidden motives of their neighbors. What begins as an innocent "I wonder" leads them into the heart of darkness as they realize everyone seems to have some sort of reason to want to take Station down. With corporate espionage, political agendas, assassination attempts, and just general drama on the list, how many things can go wrong in the new space colony? More importantly, will Relic and her friends be able to prevent the many attempts to disrupt--and even destroy--their new home, Station?

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Interview with Katie E. Holland

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What is BoH?

BoH stands for Born of Havoc, the name of the Trilogy. Station is the first book, and I already have the last two planned.

Is there anything you forgot to include in the prizes?

Yes. I forgot to add that if we reach $850+ every supporter will be entered into a drawing to win a paperback book, so no matter the amount of the donation, you will be eligible to win a book! // Also, if we reach near the $2,000+ mark I'll be able to produce Hardcover Books and the drawing will be for the very first Hardcover Copy (Signed and Numbered)!

6k is a lot of money, how much do you need?

Eeep! I set the "Reach for the Stars" goal higher than I was planning, but bear in mind that 6k is not the amount I need to fund my project. It is just a goal to dream about. At about $850+ I can do the bare necessities of what needs to be done just to get the book out there. In the couple thousands, I can buy a block of ISBNs of my own to publish under my own Imprint, have hardcover books, giveaway promotions, and so much more. I have a blog post all about this at

Why did you come to Pubslush?

Pubslush has a model that I agree with: Bringing the 'slushpile' to the readers for them to decide what's worth reading! Other than that, I came because it takes more money than I've got on me to get a book out there for people to see. I really believe in this trilogy's potential, and I want to see it reach readers who enjoy it.

What was your inspiration for Station?

I was inspired by many things with this series. I can't really say what the main ones were without giving away what won't happen until the sequels, but for Station itself, I was inspired by the prospects of Space Colonization, the profitability of Asteroid Mining, the change over time in Government and the corruption that can only be expanded upon with each advancement. I do have to say that the whole possibility of a 'Second American Dust Bowl' thing was heavily inspired by a documentary on Monsanto.

When will the book be in print?

I still have a few things to tweak within the manuscript before the story is exactly how I want it, and then comes formatting it for the printers! That's actually all that's left to be done, well that and marketing, proofing, and a few interior illustrations (I hope). The book SHOULD be ready and in paperback form in July of this year. *runs around in excitement and fear*

So... Science Fiction, eh?

YES! I have always loved SciFi, ever since watching Star Trek at my grandmother's house on Sunday mornings (as a tot). I was amazed by the technology that they had invented, though at the time I just saw it as magic.

Why did you write Station?

I spent over 5 years writing another title, Annihilation, which was my take on zombie horror. I had been toying with the ideas for what would become Station during the last 2 or 3 years of that time, and eventually decided to let it take over.
I put aside Annihilation during NaNoWriMo 2012 and sat down to hammer out a 50,000+ word manuscript for Station and plans for the 2 sequels during the month of November. I have been in editing ever since.

Can I get more details on those prizes?

[PENS] Pens are black ink click pens with the title section of the book cover printed around the barrel. [DISCOVERED BY] Those who have funded $50 or higher are placed in a 'Discovered By' section of my Acknowledgements page. $200+ will be listed for all three books as Supporters. [STICKERS] I will be designing cute stickers of the main characters. [T-SHIRT] The T-shirt says "I work nights at the Restless Prawn" which is the name of the bar where Relic works at the start of the novel! Tell me your size. [PRINT MANUSCRIPT] I will print, sign, and mail you a manuscript copy bound with a binder ring or clasp. [POSTCARDS] The Cover Art on a 6x9" Postcard, with a personal Thank You will be mailed to you. [#S PAPERBACK] Signed and Numbered Paperback from the first print run! [HAND-DECORATED MUG] I will take a white mug and doodle some artwork all over the outer area, baking it to fix the ink, and mail it with extra padding. I'll even throw in some hot cocoa mix to drink while you read! [MAILING LIST] You will be placed on my mailing list for people to receive free copies of each book as it is released! You will get Havoc and After, the sequels to Station. //

Please, it would help if, for any orders with a shipped item, if you are not located inside the US, add about $7 to help buffer the cost. Thank you everyone for any level of support!