The Last New Year

by Kevin C. Norris

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If the last day of the year was your last day on earth, could you find love before the end?

Page Length:
100 - 250 Pages
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Completed Manuscript
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December 31, 1999. The world thought it was ready to celebrate the end of the millennium. The world thought it had prepared for the worst and was looking forward to a new century. The world is in for a surprise. When a regular guy in a regular city wakes up to find a very irregular wall of supernatural fire crawling its way across time zones, burning the world as it turns 12 midnight, he's less than excited. Even more so because just the day before he met the girl of his dreams and is supposed to meet her for New Years. Even MORE so because he's got a hangover, a 90s haircut, and absolutely no recollection of what he did with her address. This end of the world thing is severely complicating his plans. Now, while dealing with the fact that he's got 12 hours to live, a roommate planning to drink his way out, and a host of fellow citizens losing it in their own unique ways, he must trek across a suddenly dangerous Washington, DC to find the address, find the house, and find the girl before he and everything he knows is gone. Happy New Year.

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Interview with Kevin C. Norris

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Where did you get the idea for this story?

In 1999, I was at a party that was two parts fun + one part tension. A lot of believers in the end of the world at the end of the millennium crowd. But most everyone was having a good time.

At one point in the night my friend Joey turned to me and said: "You know, if a wall of fire started rolling across the earth at midnight on the dateline and was heading for us, this would be a very different party."

So I thought I'd see how different a party it might be.

Who are your favorite authors?

Douglas Adams. Neil Gaiman. Ursula K. Le Guin. T.H. White. And too many more to mention...

Why Pubslush?

This is an amazing idea. Too often, there are incredible things to read that never get to your eyes and brains because it's too hard to break in. This is a chance. I'm taking a chance. Let's take a chance together.

Why does it sound like you're recording your video next to a running toilet?

The cat fountain. It's a very vital piece of technology that keeps the cats away from the sink long enough to do the dishes.


Not really. Well, wait. That's not true. I mean, literally it's not something I've experienced. But quests? Small things that seem huge? I've been there and felt these things. I bet a lot of us have.