by Mike Acker

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Everyone loves stories. Everyone loves to feel accepted. Everyone likes to feel good. God knows this. Here is His plan.

Education & Training, Parenting & Family, Religion, Romance, Self Help
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Everyone loves a good story. Everyone loves to feel accepted. Everyone likes to feel good. God knows this. He knows intimately. He designed us. He created us. And he has a great plan for us. Enter… the SONG OF SOLOMON. Here the Bible tells us an incredible story of two people who love each, get married and enjoy the gifts that God gives. This is a story of romance. This is a story of sex. Most importantly, this is a story of real relationships and what relationships take. As you open up this incredible story, you are going to see yourself in the story. You are going to see the same conflicts that we all experience, you are going to see the same struggles that we all face, you are going to see the same questions that we all ask… but God will lead you to go beyond the conflicts, struggles and questions. God will you lead you to let go of sin through Jesus and to embrace the way of devotion, selflessness and love… Then… when this happens. Everything changes! I encourage YOU to jump into the story. I invite you to embrace the God's ways. I encourage you to read and then to live the greatest love story. AND... I ask you- Will you GIVE to this crowdfunding project to finish this work? 3 things will happen: 1- You get the book. 2- You put the book in the hands of others. 3- You help a great cause!

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Why did you write the book?

This book comes out of a series of sermons that I taught at our Church. It is specifically about Romance, Sex and Relationships.

Here is what I realized: our culture has taken the teaching of Romance, Sex and Relationships out of the family environment and out of the church. In fact, many people feel like this is a subject that should not even be talked about at church. So, instead of learning from our family and the church, we learn from friends when we are teenagers, from TV and from magazines. Who knows more about relationships? Our society that has a HIGH divorce rate or God who designed sex. Who knows more about romance and sex? The friends we had when we were teenagers or some couples in the church who have been married for 50 years.

This book is an extension of that original plan. I want for people to hear from God on the plan for Romance, Sex and Relationships. In the midst of so many conflicting ideas and in the midst of so many confusing messages, this book is intended to be a breath of fresh air.

What was your inspiration for the book?

As a young Pastor, I watch the marriages of older couples. Shortly before starting this project I was in a home group with just such a couple: Bob & Joan. They have been married for over 40 years and I was leading a bible study group for married couples at their house. Everyone in the room was under 40 years old except Bob & Joan. And let me tell you… they were inspiring! To see a couple that has been married that long who still love each other, who are still passionate about each and who are still learning… WOW!

That is what I want! I want to be married for 50 years to the same woman! I want to be passionate when I am in the later years of my life. I want that. How can I get that? I've read the book of Song of Solomon many, many times in my life. I've taught on it. I've heard other teach on it. I've read books that referenced it. After seeing this couple, after seeing how many people in our church needed practical help, and after praying over this scenario, I decided to start my own series on this book. That was the beginning.

What do you plan to do with the funds you raise?

All the net proceeds of this publishing are going to go straight back to Citipoint Church so that we can continue to work in our community and around the world.

I have been the Pastor of this church for two years and it has been an incredible journey. When I arrived we were over 4 million dollars in debt. We've been working with the bank and without bankruptcy or a big foreclosure, we were offered a simple deed-in-lieu. After 50 years of being in the same location, Citipoint Church is moving to a new location. We are starting all over.

This book project has been in my mind for 2 years. The new beginning for our church is what has given me the impetus to bring the project from sermons and ideas to a book that reaches a larger audience.

After we pay the publishing costs, my wife and I are giving all the net proceeds to help Citipoint Church move into a new location. Our hope is that this book gives a new beginning to your relationships story and that the proceeds give a new beginning to the church that has been serving this community since 1948.

We'd love to know more about you, could you share a brief bio?

I was raised on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State until 5th grade when my family made a drastic life change and moved to Mazatlan, Mexico. There our family volunteered with a missions organization called Youth with a Mission.

While working with YWAM, we stumbled on a little known truth: many kids who never get started in the education system or leave elementary school find themselves without the ability to continue their schooling. My parents began the endless work to create a solution. My parents, Tim and Maggie Acker, created an organization named Hogar de Ayuda (Home of Help) which provided schooling, food, clothing, dental services, health services and home life training. Every Saturday, Sunday and on school vacations, the whole family would be at Hogar de Ayuda and in the outskirts of Mazatlan helping people and teaching them about God's love. 

After finishing school in Mexico, I returned to the Olympic Peninsula. I became involved in a student group at Church. There I led dramas, preached, led follow up teams, outreach teams and a small group ministry. Soon after, I enrolled at Northwest University, responding to God's voice to become a pastor. 

Over the last 17 years I have worked hard to become a strong communicator. At Northwest University I participated in the University's nationally ranked debate team. Our debate team traveled extensively, even going to Nationals in 2001. Over the years I have spoken at youth camps, family camps, church services, community events and conferences. Ultimately, my desire is to communicate the Bible in such a way that captivates the audience with Jesus' character and so each person can understand God's voice and apply God's guidance to their life.