UNSUNG HEROES & VILLAINS OF THE SILVER SCREEN, Western Portraits of Great Character Actors

by Steve Carver

Santa Monica, California Book
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UNSUNG HEROES & VILLAINS OF THE SILVER SCREEN pays homage to Hollywood's legendary character actors of the American Western.

Art, Biography, Entertainment, Photography
Page Length:
100 - 250 Pages
Book Status:
Working Draft
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UNSUNG HEROES & VILLAINS OF THE SILVER SCREEN, Western Portraits of Great Character Actors is a collection of original images rendered in rare evocative tones reminiscent of vintage photography. The coffee table book will present cinema's most enduring actors such as Karl Malden, Denver Pyle, John Savage, William Smith, R.G. Armstrong, L.Q. Jones, Horst Buckholst, David Carradine, Buddy Hackett, Henry Silva, Morgan Woodward, Harris Yulin, Robert Evans, Paul Smith, Hunter Von Leer, Max Gale, John Beck, Jan Michael Vincent, and numerous others. From the epic Western to the TV series and serial Western, UNSUNG HEROES & VILLAINS OF THE SILVER SCREEN will also include a collection of documentation, meaning and significance of memorable character roles, filmographies, and brief biographies of the actors. It will offer candid quotations, intimate anecdotes from the impassioned personal vantage point of the actor, and include an insightful narrative describing the process by which the collection came into being. The market for this book will be movie lovers, Western film aficionados, writers, and collectors of Hollywood nostalgia.

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What is the purpose of the book?

The purpose of this book is twofold—firstly to celebrate some of the great character actors, and secondly to capture the history in light of the mythology simultaneously proliferating through the years of great Westerns. At the heart of the Western, and not to be underestimated, were the character actors, whose faces you always remember and whose names you invariably forget. They are the unsung heroes of popular culture—chameleons, looking different in every film, fitting in wherever needed.

What is special about the images?

These images are not created digitally in a rigid grid of binary code, but in the warm, human palette of true grey tones through genuine light and shadow depicted by silver-based emulsion. With greater tonal and extended dynamic range, these fine art photographs show more aesthetic subtleties and allow much more leeway to create mood and convey emotional depth. But beyond their expressive richness, they also capture more raw information, which allow more opportunities to touch the human soul.

How would you describe the book?

The proposed description of UNSUNG HEROES & VILLAINS OF THE SILVER SCREEN is a quality printed hardcover book, containing approximately 200 pages, 150 plates, English language text, with dimensions of 11.9 x 9.1 x 1.1 inches, to be sold retail for approximately $95. Color will be required in the printing of these images. The book is intended to provide a richness to film and television archives and will be ready for publishing about a year after signing with a book company.

How will this book be marketed?

The subject of UNSUNG HEROES & VILLAINS OF THE SILVER SCREEN is one that will be with us as long as there are great character actors who give the movies and television their magic moments. Because of the interest generated from classic Western films re-released and played on TV, the book will certainly attract the attention of readers beyond the United States. It will never become obsolete and should enjoy a very long life in print.

Some of the large potential markets for this book might include movie lovers, Western film aficionados, writers, collectors of Hollywood nostalgia and fine art photography. It is the hope of the photographer that UNSUNG HEROES & VILLAINS OF THE SILVER SCREEN will awaken the memories in people's hearts, and also help introduce the character actors to those who did not have the benefit of knowing these wonderful heroes and villains, giving long-overdue attention where it belongs.