Shy Town Girls

by Melissa G Wilson

Chicago, IL Books
100% funded

Four Shy But Brave Young Women Looking for Love and Success in Chicago

Chick Lit, Fiction, Romance
Page Length:
100 - 250 Pages
Book Status:
Working Draft
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Four beautiful, shy but brave women search for love, friendship and success in the windy city of Chicago.They share insights on work , dating, their sex-lives (or lack thereof) and find new ways to deal with being women and dating in the Digital Age.

You will learn about Bobbie, Ivy, Ella and Meryl, four young women who are as passionate about their careers as they are about about their love lives. They must learn to overcome their shyness to remove this roadblock which was their biggest hurdle, but how? Enter Barbara.

Barbara becomes their "adopted grandmother," confidante and dating coach. She owns the home the four girls rent, Bobbie, Ella and Meryl on the first floor, her in the middle and Meryl, at the top. The girls and Barbara gather for Sunday dinners and weekend drinks up on the rooftop deck. Barbara's wisdom and dating experience of the past help the girls grow braver in dating in the present.

The girls and Barbara experience beautiful places to wine and dine in the windy city through dozens of great events they get into because of Ivy and her PR connections. They learn about the stars that occupy the city because of Bobbie's pr firm. They learn all about publishing and the city's business leaders through Meryl's publishing and book marketing firm and they help Ella choose between staying in the corporate world of retail or taking an entrepreneurial leap. Join us on this wonderful journey.

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Interview with Melissa G Wilson

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Why did you write this book?

I wanted to write this book because I loved the idea of a book about young women who "help" one another rather than "hinder" one another as they seek successful careers and love. The other authors loved the idea of each writing a book and collaborating with one another. They are all good writers and I am truly dazzled by their writing.

How are you writing this book?

I realized that if a book is good--very good, then people want to read more. I decided a four-book series would be the best number of books to write.

What do you plan to do with the funds we raise?

Any additional profits we make from this book will go to help my three young authors get better starts in their careers. Let's face it, not many young professionals have a lot of money when they are first starting out. The dollars I make will be mostly used for additional marketing for the book. We'll need plenty of help.