The Legacy Life, How to Connect, Communicate and Collaborate to Increase Sales

by Brian O'Neil

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The Legacy Life, How to Connect, Communicate and Collaborate to Increase Sales

by Brian O'Neil

Connecting, communicating and collaborating to make meaningful business and personal connections is the way to conduct business in the 21st century.

A great source of practical wisdom for business owners and sales professionals to increase sales.

Business, Education & Training, Nonfiction, Self Help
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100 - 250 Pages
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Completed Manuscript
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Joe couldn't believe his ears. Sarah, the new rising star of sales in his competing department was talking about teamwork and service, instead of protected territories and quotas. What was even more astonishing was her willingness to show Joe just how she was setting more appointments and selling deals at a quicker pace . Why would anyone share secrets like that? The Legacy Life is more than a story of workplace mentorship, it is a guide for implementing every step of Sarah's advice into your own skill set to use social media & LinkedIn to connect, communicate and collaborate in a completely new way. Joe is skeptical when Sarah tells him he can stop cold calling and start making warm connections/calls by using todays technology. As he implements her suggestions, he becomes a believer and an achiever all over again. If you've ever dreaded picking up the phone to make one more cold call, only to be met with automated phone systems, determined gatekeepers or voice mails you know will be deleted, you will want to dive into The Legacy Life and reinvigorate your prospecting methods today. In addition, you will learn how to conduct a better sales process from your initial call to the last call. Brian O'Neil wants to help you create a Legacy Life too. As President of Sales Empowerment Group, Brian trains top sales organizations nationwide and helps them double their activity and sales with his strategies he shares in this book.

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What does it mean to live the Legacy Life?

We all want to enjoy the important things in life; family, friends, hobbies and volunteerism to list a few. How do we live The Legacy Life? It is very simple, we need to approach prospects and customers the way they like to be treated and that starts with learning how to connect, communicate and collaborate.

Where did you get the idea for this book?

I was a very successful sales trainer to corporations and Fortune 500 companies on how to connect, communicate and collaborate for increased sales.
I realize the word 'sales' makes a lot of people cringe, and with good reason. The old method of cold calls, pounding the pavement and practically stalking prospects frequently burned out sales professionals and made potential customers run for the hills. I understand; I made over 6,000 sales calls during my career and know what it takes to perform consistently at a high level.
However, I began to see a major shift in the way sales professionals and prospects were coming together. Gatekeepers, voice mails and spam filters thwart the time-tested method of demonstrating your persistence in attaining direct contact with a decision maker. Sales professionals were frustrated and decision makers were annoyed. I knew there must be a better way and developed a new system that leverages today's technology with professionalism and respectability. I share my methods in this book, which is a fabulous fable for anyone in business, sales or those seeking a good story.

Is this a book just for sales professionals?

This is a great book for sales professionals, and for business owners, entrepreneurs, non-profits, anyone who needs to connect with others to conduct business, sell their services or promote their cause. It's a great fable, and even those who aren't in business will enjoy it.

How does improving your connections and sales directly contribute to the Legacy Life?

We are all busy today, with families, civic duties, volunteerism and the desire to take care of ourselves, physically and emotionally. Learning to be more efficient in making connections influences productivity and satisfaction in our endeavors.
This way, our Legacy is one where people remember us for far more than the hours we spent at the office.