Club Nosferatu

by L.R. Potts

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Real life, real vampires; theyve existed in the world alongside humans for centuries. Now, their story is told.

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500+ Pages
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Completed Manuscript
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"Club Nosferatu" is about a brood of vampires and how they learn to accept reality the hard way.

The covenant Kris and his siblings strike is simple: live harmoniously among humans. To do so, the brood establishes Club Nosferatu. They intend the nightclub to be a place where they could openly and freely mingle with humans. The only catch is they must keep their identities as vampires secret at all cost.

Masquerading as mere human nightclub owners is easier said than done for Kris and his siblings. Reining one's instinct is difficult- if not impossible-especially for those whose "hunger" is "greater" than others. Nevertheless, Kris and his siblings manage to do so, until he commits the worst mistake imaginable-he falls in love with a human. Before long, lines are drawn between the siblings. Then everything begins unraveling, inevitably ending in the departure of the brood.

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Interview with L.R. Potts

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Why did you write the book?

Like most writers, my characters have been slowly developing over time, existing primarily in my head. It was time to finally put them on paper. It has been an incredible experience releasing these personalities to the world and with a decade in the making, they have become more realistic than ever.

What do you plan to do with the funds you raise?

Aside from the percentages I'm donating to Pubslush and the fight against illiteracy, I plan on funding future projects (three more books in the series) and promoting this book so I can finally live out my dream to see it on a department store bookshelf.

Where did you get the names for your characters?

Oddly enough many people have asked me this. These characters started developing when I was in my early teens. Many characters were childhood friends or names that I liked at the time. By the time I finally put them on paper, it was too late to change their names. They had become one in the same, it wouldn't be right to change anything at this point.

What do you think the attraction is with vampires today?

Vampires not only stand the test of time in their stories but also for entertainment purposes. People have always had a love affair with vampires, whether you like them blatantly evil or sublimely amorous, vampires are exotic, tantalizing and mysterious.