Pubslush Prep

About the Program

Welcome to Pubslush Prep! An additional feature and advantage of Pubslush that sets us apart from the rest is our dedication to personalization and campaign support. We’ve established Pubslush Prep as an option to help you get started with the crowdfunding process while ensuring that your campaign is designed to reach its full potential. We realize that the crowdfunding process may be intimidating and time consuming, and it's our goal to facilitate this process as seamlessly as possible for our campaigners. We devised Pubslush Prep to offer several levels of assistance that will educate and prepare you to be as successful as possible.

Pubslush Prep gives you the option to have us help you create and coordinate your crowdfunding campaign. We know that support levels and their corresponding rewards can be a bit overwhelming to come up with, so to ensure that your campaign starts off right we'll help you develop a strategy that's both realistic and enticing to your supporters. From there, we offer several different levels of support, which can include all types of services from unlimited email contact with our Pubslush Prep Team to strategic and personalized tweets for the whole duration of your campaign.

If you choose to join the program, a member of our Pubslush Prep Team will work closely with you to create rewards and tailor your campaign to be as effective as possible. To best help you, we will provide you with a small questionnaire for you to return to the team. Email us at to learn more.

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