About Us

Founded by mother and daughter entrepreneurs, Hellen and Amanda Barbara, Pubslush is a global, crowdfunding and analytics platform only for books. Our platform allows authors to raise money and gauge the initial audience for new book ideas, and for readers to pledge their financial support to bring books to life. Pubslush is entirely about giving: giving an opportunity to authors, giving a voice to readers, and giving books to children without access to literature.

A revolutionary publishing platform.

Publishing as it stands now is a guessing game. Our goal is to introduce readers into the publishing equation and provide authors with the tools (access to capital, audience demographics, freelance publishing professionals) they need to be successful.

A sustainable nonprofit and a brand of literature.

Inhibited access to literature is one of the greatest barriers to overcoming poverty today. Our model allows us to combat the problem with the persistence and with the momentum of an organic, grassroots campaign. We like to think of ourselves as a global book club with a cause.