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As the step before a book is published, authors and publishers can host crowdfunding or pre-order campaigns for upcoming titles.

Readers can find their next book before it’s even released.

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Susan Crawford

The Vintage Shetland Project

Fashion & social history intertwine in the Vintage Shetland Project as Susan Crawford recreates & explores cherished pieces from Shetland's rich knitting heritage.

  • £22,578 Raised
  • 578 Supporters
  • 9 Days Left

T. R. Racki

Regal Heart: An American Filly

A temperamental last place filly, a forgotten trainer, together they make a bid for America’s greatest race, the Kentucky Derby.

  • $11,820 Raised
  • 28 Supporters
  • 30 Days Left

Craig Bromfield

Tell Them the Brian Clough Story

Love him or love him even more. Brian Clough OBE, captivated the footballing world. I invite you to join me on an adventure you won't believe.

  • $2,047 Raised
  • 28 Supporters
  • 14 Days Left
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Most Recent


I am (n)u(e)rban

“I am Nu(e)rban” - unique nude urban photographs at worldwide metropolises of the Austrian model Vienna. A wonderful combination of beauty, life and freedom!

  • $100 Raised
  • 1 Supporters
  • 30 Days Left

Maria Ann Drury

Maria`s Reference Guide to Running Your Own Business

The book is about running your own business from a to z. Covering marketing strategies, law and accounts.

  • £0 Raised
  • 0 Supporters
  • 30 Days Left

B.A. Talarico

Bliss Movie Script

I'm actually looking for funding for the movie script creation based off the first book! Ask more if your interested to be apart of what could be the hottest movie this country has seen so far.

  • $0 Raised
  • 0 Supporters
  • 44 Days Left
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Coming Soon

DeBorah Bellony

Prayers of a Virgin

A 52 week inspirational guidebook & calendar specific to your birthdate that helps you understand your life cycles to make better choices using an ancient astrological system coined the Destiny Cards.


Coming Soon

  • 63 Days to Launch

Benjamin Ellefson

The Land without Color

Adventure novel for children of all ages that champions diversity, self-reliance, preparedness, and eating your vegetables.


Coming Soon

  • 19 Days to Launch

Patrick Omony Moni

Cutting the Strings of the Puppet Master

Over coming compulsive sexual habits


Coming Soon

  • 18 Days to Launch
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