Pubslush 101

Why Pubslush?

Pubslush is a global publishing platform for authors to raise funds, understand their audience, and publish successfully (via self-publishing or traditional publishing).

Books, books, books.

Pubslush is a platform exclusively for books. Often on other crowdfunding sites, books are lost next to extremely dynamic, visual projects such as films and inventions. Most importantly, we are first and foremost a community of book lovers and literary influencers.

Flexible funding:

We allow authors to keep the funds they raise, even if they don’t reach their goal. This is because the cost of publishing can vary greatly, and any amount of money can help.


Comprehensive supporter demographics so authors can target their book marketing campaigns effectively, using data science. Our advanced analytics collect an actionable dataset including supporters’ location, age, gender, traffic source, click through rates, and more. View Sample.

Personalized Service.

The Pubslush team takes great pride in providing one on one service to all our authors. We are an organic, hands on company that focuses on educating our users and providing the most valuable, up to date resources and tools to facilitate the publishing process.

A platform optimized for authors.

  • Promotion tools:

    Advanced toolbox designed specifically for authors including direct email importing, embeddable HTML badges, social media integration, survey tool, etc.

  • Resources:

    Professional resource series for navigating the publishing industry so authors can knowledgeably publish their book through whichever route they choose!

Low fee, free to start.

We offer the lowest flat rate in the industry at just 4% plus third party processing fees. Choose a campaign duration between 30 and 60 days.

We're a publisher, too.

Pubslush was built with authors in mind, by people who understand authors. Our independent imprint, powered by readers, acquires books for publication exclusively from our publishing platform.

Join our fight against illiteracy.

Our publishing imprint donates a children’s book to a child in need for every book sold. Additionally, any author can elect to be part of our commitment to support children’s literacy initiatives worldwide by simply using our platform.

Risk free, contract free.

It’s free to submit a book on Pubslush, and at the very least authors walk away with funds to make their book a reality and a better understanding of their initial market. Plus, authors always maintain all of their rights. It's a win-win!


Our platform is completely global and for authors (and readers) from around the world.