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I am (n)u(e)rban

“I am Nu(e)rban” - unique nude urban photographs at worldwide metropolises of the Austrian model Vienna. A wonderful combination of beauty, life and freedom!

  • $7,028 Raised
  • 63 Supporters
  • 12 Days Left

Dorit Sasson

Accidental Soldier: A Memoir of Service and Sacrifice in the Israel Defense Forces

A young woman leaves New York City and her mother to find her voice and inner strength in a foreign militaristic country by volunteering for the Israel Defense Forces.

  • $2,204 Raised
  • 54 Supporters
  • 4 Days Left

Katarina Zora

Motorcycles, Madness & Miracles - A Journey to Empowerment

At the Sturgis Rally, two rebels meet while entering their cycles in the Rat's Hole bike show. They bond over raw and brutally honest life stories about growing up, the military, and riding the wind.

  • $1,050 Raised
  • 14 Supporters
  • 9 Days Left
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Most Recent

Paul Wind


A Bipolar life as told from an undiagnosed survivors point of view. Lessons learned and life's loses highlight this journey through mental illness.

  • $0 Raised
  • 0 Supporters
  • 45 Days Left

A. M. Crane

The Sullivan House

The Sullivan House delivers a disturbing conveyance of justice, retribution and revenge through the hands of the supernatural. Those who pass through its gates, enter alone.

  • $0 Raised
  • 0 Supporters
  • 30 Days Left

Rachelle Burk

Painting in the Dark: Esref Armagan, Blind Artist

A picture book biography about a painter who, though born blind, creates remarkably complex and beautiful art. His inspirational story will also be available in braille with tactile images.

  • $100 Raised
  • 1 Supporters
  • 35 Days Left
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Coming Soon

Joshua Mendrala

Gifted: Rise

Following the Battle of Ganymede, Stortion and the Gifted launch an offensive against the Red Hand, meanwhile, Rose and Charlie attempt to uncover an ancient prophecy


Coming Soon

  • 60 Days to Launch

DeBorah Bellony

Prayers of a Virgin

A 52 week inspirational guidebook & calendar specific to your birthdate that helps you understand your life cycles to make better choices using an ancient astrological system coined the Destiny Cards.


Coming Soon

  • 30 Days to Launch

Linda Govik


A young woman is forced to fight for her self-worth as her shameful past becomes a pawn in a man's quest to secure his legacy.


Coming Soon

  • 30 Days to Launch
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