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Matt Lutz

Golden Hills


An eccentric, young vagrant recounts his surrealist experience of being forced to leave his hometown after the police threaten to burn him alive.

  • $6,615 Raised
  • 120 Supporters
  • 6 Days Left

Vidyuth Publications

Saints and Sages of India


An original work based on 15 years of research and hard work covering the life histories of over 1200 Indian Saints, belonging to the past and present.

  • $1,715 Raised
  • 24 Supporters
  • 29 Days Left

Mark Glickman



Mark Glickman's humorous storytelling offers timeless lessons for marketing, public relations and sales professionals or anyone else looking for an entertaining read about working in paradise.

  • $1,422 Raised
  • 19 Supporters
  • 14 Days Left
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Most Recent

Elizabeth Joyce

Ascension—Accessing The Fifth Dimension


Progressing further into higher vibrations allows us to let go of the old world and establish something new. Vibrations change quickly and lift us up, into a world of splendor.

  • $10 Raised
  • 1 Supporters
  • 63 Days Left

Colleen Lynch



Young psychopomp stuck in a seaside CT town passes the local dead on, not knowing her past or importance to Reaper. EMT with a zest for life teaches her that death + love are what give it meaning.

  • $0 Raised
  • 0 Supporters
  • 45 Days Left

Lisa Voisin

The Angel Killer


When seventeen year old Mia performs an ancient ritual to save her fallen angel boyfriend, she discovers the world is in more danger than she ever imagined.

  • $45 Raised
  • 2 Supporters
  • 44 Days Left
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Coming Soon

Tim Morrison

Able Kincade: Troubled Soul


Black, darkness. Able Kincade sees nothing but darkness. Dark when you take a life. Darker when you take more lives . He is a killer. One day that changed . He saw light. Love. What now.

Coming Soon

  • 6 Fans
  • 72 Days to Launch

Davis Prime

Still Wiser


The world is changing but will Gordon and Philip change as well. Prudence advises acceptance, but conviction is opposed. Inevitably, lives and liberty will be risked for what is right.

Coming Soon

  • 3 Fans
  • 44 Days to Launch

Samantha Warren

The Steam Wars


A war is coming. Whose side are you on?

Coming Soon

  • 13 Fans
  • 44 Days to Launch
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