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Matt Lutz

Golden Hills


An eccentric, young vagrant recounts his surrealist experience of being forced to leave his hometown after the police threaten to burn him alive.

  • $9,045 Raised
  • 165 Supporters
  • 6 Days Left

Corina del Carmel

The Lady of the Wind/La Dama del Viento


A verbal and visual poetry of a pilgrimage. A journey taken by a child to learn that the most important and valuable gifts in life, have no price and they already exist within us to give and share.

  • $3,165 Raised
  • 13 Supporters
  • 11 Days Left

Vidyuth Publications

Saints and Sages of India


An original work based on 15 years of research and hard work covering the life histories of over 1200 Indian Saints, belonging to the past and present.

  • $2,295 Raised
  • 35 Supporters
  • 17 Days Left
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Most Recent

Jack Ewing

Costa Rica: Where Tapirs and Jaguars Once Roamed


Discover how the Path of the Tapir Corridor is determined to bring jaguars and tapirs back to southwestern Costa Rica, and how Jack Ewing’s efforts are bringing positive changes to this region.

  • $0 Raised
  • 0 Supporters
  • 31 Days Left

Sarah Garten

All the Stars in the Sky


The book is a touching story that reminds both children and adults that no matter how old we become some things (including love) will always stay the same.

  • $85 Raised
  • 5 Supporters
  • 44 Days Left

Edith Jones

Brain Storm


The deeply personal and inspirational account of a brain tumor survivor. Be encouraged as Edith shares how faith and family helped her through the diagnosis, treatment and recovery

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  • 0 Supporters
  • 14 Days Left
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Coming Soon

Barbie Larimore and Kim Shults

Life with Lou


Lou the Ant embarks on a crazy sea adventure to the Island of Taboo in search of treasure. The thing is...Lou can't swim! Hilarity ensues as he learns on the go!

Coming Soon

  • 27 Fans
  • 55 Days to Launch

Amy Morosini

Picking Up The Pieces, A TBI Survivor's Story


After falling out of a 3rd story window of her ex-boyfriend's apartment in what police labeled as a "suspicious occurrence," Amy is now forced to live a life with a Traumatic Brain Injury.

Coming Soon

  • 38 Fans
  • 30 Days to Launch

Joseph McGarry

Operation Mermaid:The Project Kraken Incident


Mermaids all over the world. A resurrected Cold War weapon of unimaginable power. Can the mermaids save the world?

Coming Soon

  • 5 Fans
  • 30 Days to Launch
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