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As the step before a book is published, authors and publishers can host crowdfunding or pre-order campaigns for upcoming titles.

Readers can find their next book before it’s even released.

Top Projects

Erica Simone

Nue York: Self-Portraits of a Bare Urban Citizen

Exploring New York City in the Nude.

  • $14,121 Raised
  • 107 Supporters
  • 6 Days Left

Barbie Larimore and Kim Shults

Life with Lou

Lou the Ant embarks on a crazy sea adventure to the Island of Taboo in search of treasure. The thing is...Lou can't swim! Hilarity ensues as he learns on the go!

  • $7,791 Raised
  • 84 Supporters
  • 7 Days Left

Vicky Hamilton A memoir from a Rock N Roll manager

Appetite For Dysfunction

This book is about a small town girl who follows her heart to Hollywood, finds success only to lose it all. Hitting the bottom of a dark and lonely abyss to then climb out triumphantly.

  • $6,877 Raised
  • 121 Supporters
  • 2 Days Left
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Most Recent

Victoria Trenton

The Mastermind- Book II

Violent criminal Nick Jessup is supposed to be dead. Only his woman, Chrissie, knows he's alive. She waits for him in prison, knowing he'll come for her. She's right. Hell is about to break loose.

  • $0 Raised
  • 0 Supporters
  • 30 Days Left

Shey O'Shey

The Soulmate Project ~ A Journey to Finding Love

The project takes a person on a systematic journey that begins with his or herself and continues on to deepening the connection after finding a mate.

  • $0 Raised
  • 0 Supporters
  • 35 Days Left

Justin Ortega

Transformed By Faith-My Teenage Perspective of Faith

A series that aims to inspire and induce how the discovery of faith can transform a teenage life and help spark the journey that we've put off far too long

  • $0 Raised
  • 0 Supporters
  • 20 Days Left
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Coming Soon

Bruce Redfield

The First Immortal Trilogy

What would it be like to compete for the affections of the most beautiful woman in the world if Lucifer himself were your chief rival? Enoch is about to find out!


Coming Soon

  • 79 Days to Launch

Regan W. H. Macaulay

Beverlee Beaz the Brown Burmese

A picture storybook about a cat's wildly imaginative adventure. Let's follow Beverlee's journey...through the forest, and inside her mind!


Coming Soon

  • 16 Days to Launch

Susie Henderson

Dance Into Danger

Welcome to Emrysce, where some people have mind-power, and those who don’t tend to persecute those who do.


Coming Soon

  • 13 Days to Launch
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